Optoco sells crane scales, force indicators (dynamometers), load cells and other weighing equipments manufactured by Blue Arrow Weighing Technologies Co., Ltd. (China). We support the products in North America.

Optoco Inc. is Blue Arrow’s exclusive distributor for USA and Canada. Please contact for more information.

Blue Arrow Catalogue 2012 (For Optoco Inc.)      PDF 5.5M

More product information is in the Blue Arrow Ordering Reference. Please contact to order it.

XZ series Digital Crane Scales

SZ series Wireless Digital Crane Scales

CLY series Portable Load indicator (Dynamometer)

FL-R Pallet Scale

High Precision Load Cells



MDC Digital Belt Scale Real

XK3105 Series Indicator/Controller

XMK Series Weighing Module

ICSBW Digital Belt scale

Coal Feeder with Digital Weighing System

Digital Automobile Scales

Platform scales

Pallet truck

Accessories and consumables